Beech Wood Easels

We are one of the well known manufacturers of Tri-Stick Easel, which are made using Superior quality wood. These Easels are generally used to provide suport the paintings as per the convinience of the painters. Our range of Tri-Stick Easels are carved by experts in various designs and sizes to fulfill the varied requirements of user. These also feature durable construction and optimum quantity. We offer our exclsive range of easels at most competitive prices.

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Easels Made With Beech Wood

We manufacturer quality primed canvas in various shapes and sizes.

Lyra Easel


Various size Lyra Easel are available in Square and Rectangle Shapes.

New Easel

Various size New Easels are available in Round Shape.

Table Top Easel

Various size Table Top Easel are available in Oval Shapes.

Table Top With Two Stand

Various size Table Top With Two Stand are available in Triangle Shape.

Tri Stick Easel

Various size Tri Stick Easels are available in Hexagon Shape.

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Pine and Beech Wood Easels

We manufacturer the best quality artist canvas in all possible shapes and sizes under one roof.

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